New York City, part 3 – additional shopping tips and different areas

In my last post I wrote about great shopping areas, but I also missed a few that is worth to mention. Plus a few tips on what cannot be missed!

Upper West Side 

Shopping at Upper East Side (5th Avenue and Madison Avenue) is nice, but there are also a few nice stores on Upper West Side. This area is more laid back and not as chaotic. Here you can find a small division of Barneys NY, Banana Republic, American Apparel, Victoria’s Secret, Century 21, book stores, nice delis/food stores, lovely bakeries, lots of small beauty & nail saloons, etc. Upper West Side is a big area though. Here I’m talking about from higher up on 84-85th street down to Lincoln Square at 66-67th street, mainly at Broadway, Amsterdam and Columbus Avenue.

Century 21 is a MUST! Here you can find lovely designer treasures  for up fo 65% of retail price. You may be a little overwhelmed when you first walk in this huge and a little messy store, but if you give it a chance you can find some really nice bargains. The one I visited was at Lincoln Square, between 66th and 67th street and Broadway.


I’m not very fond of Midtown. This touristy area (Theatre district and Times Square) are packed with souvenir shops, blingy McDonalds and Hard Rock Cafe signs and people who  wants to sell you tickets to different shows and tourist stuff, but also the worlds biggest department store Macy’s is here and is worth a visit. Also you can find a huge Victoria’s Secret here and I paid that store a visit.


Love this area! Here you can find a mixture of high end designer boutiques like Balenciaga, Chanel and Ralph Lauren, but also budget friendly stores like American Apparel, Zara and Sam Edelman. In addition there are lots of cool vintage shops around, especially if you move away from the main area around Prince St. Soho is a classy and stylish area, but also edgy and bohemian. I strongly recommend to spend a day or two here to go shopping and have lunch or dinner here. This area has lots of really nice restaurants as well, but I’ll say more about that in another post.

West Village

The cutest and coziest area in Manhattan! West Village is very laid back and bohemian, but it also has a touch of class. You can find all kinds of store in the main street called Bleecker St. This street is very long and here you can shop til you drop. Everything from small souvenir and vintage shops to Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors is here. Also you can find cozy little wine bars, coffee shops and restaurants. You don’t even feel like you are on Manhattan here, there are no skyscrapers and a different vibe. Visiting West Village is a must!

Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

As I mentioned in my previous post we went to a flea market in Williamsburg. During weekends you can find flea markets in different areas. We also strolled around in this cool, trendy and very laid back area in Brooklyn. The main street, Bedford Avenue, is filled with all kinds of shops and nice bars and restaurants. But you should also walk around in the side streets and maybe find a hidden treasure in cute little vintage stores. Such a nice and lovely area with a bohemian vibe, very different from Manhattan.


PS. I’m having trouble uploading pictures right now, pics will be added as soon as I can. 

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New York City, part 2 – shopping

It’s impossible to go to New York and not do some shopping, at least not for me. It’s paradise for shopaholics!

5th Avenue is a must, but it’s very touristy and  noisy. There are both high end designer stores and chain store like H&M here. Also you will find high end department stores here like Bergdorf Goodman and Saks. Personally I prefer Madison Avenue over 5th Avenue. Madison is not as crowded and the local New Yorkers go here to shop instead of 5th Avenue. Almost all the big designer names are on Madison Avenue, including Chanel, Hermes, Celine, Missoni, Christian Louboutin, etc. 

IMG_1131 IMG_1128

On 5th Avenue. Noisy and crowded!IMG_1152

Outside Macy’s, the world’s biggest department store. This time I didn’t pay it a visit, but I have been a couple of times before (and almost got lost!).IMG_0955

Victoria’s Secret is a must if you need new underwear. They also have lot’s of other stuff like beauty products. IMG_0957

Outside Balenciaga, their store is now located in Soho. And as you can see, I got a little something from my favorite designer!IMG_0969

Inside the Christian Louboutin boutique on Madison Avenue. Shoe heaven! But I didn’t buy anything this time. IMG_1133 IMG_1137

In the Chanel boutique in Soho (there is also one on Madison and one in Bergdorf Goodman on the 5th). I tried on a gorgeous red suede Chanel Boy – if only I had the funds! Sigh…IMG_0976

Barneys NY also have a selection of Balenciaga and there was a Barneys right next to our hotel. Here are some fabulous Balenciaga shoes. IMG_1346

A quick snap shot with a beautiful Ultra Violet City bag, love this color! Such a pretty pop purple. IMG_1345 IMG_1343

Super cute Balenciaga accessories. IMG_1342

During weekends you can go to different kinds of flea markets. We went to Williamsburg in Brooklyn on a Sunday and went to a really cool flea market here. I love Williamsburg and will write more about this area in another post. IMG_1282 IMG_1299 IMG_1284 IMG_1084

Right next to this flea market was a little park with an amazing view to the Manhattan skyline. Fabulous! IMG_1078 IMG_1291

A few shopping bags back at the hotel…IMG_0989 IMG_1160

Oooops…! Messy shopping bag chaos.IMG_1378

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of most of the stuff I bought. I bought a Calvin Klein dress, a Guess dress, underwear from Victoria’s Secret, t-shirts and a sweater from Marc by Marc Jacobs, lots of basic stuff from American Apparel, work out clothes and 2 pairs of sneakers from Nike, 3 pairs of shoes from Sam Edelman, two pairs of vintage jeans shorts from the flea market in Williamsburg, a wallet from Balenciaga, a bracelte from Tiffany’s, clothes for Felix from Polo Ralph Lauren, Converse shoes for Felix, etc. Let’s just say I had to buy an extra suit case, lol.

Hubby bought me this cute bracelet from Tiffany’s. I love it! Will go great with my other bracelet that he got me in Barcelona last year. IMG_0996 IMG_0999

And here is my Balenciaga wallet. It’s called a Continental wallet and the color is Gris Tarmac with silver giant hw. Gris Tarmac is a true medium grey, very beautiful. I love this style, it’s very roomy and nice. It has been my dream wallet for a long time and finally it’s mine! IMG_0993

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New York City, part 1 – arriving & the first day

On September 6 we went on our honeymoon to our favorite city, New York City! We have been a couple of times before and this time were there for almost 9 days so we got to know the city pretty well now. Here is the first post from this lovely city that never sleeps, the arrival day and our first day in Manhattan.

On the way to the airport in Oslo. Overkill??? Well, I don’t want to put the bling bling in my checked luggage so need to wear it instead…haha.


Flying over Iceland! Next time I go to NYC I would love to have a stop over there. IMG_0890

Almost there, flying over New York state. IMG_0914

Manhattan skyline!!!! Lovely view from New Jersey where we landed. Oh how I love sky scrapers, concrete and chaos… I’m a city girl for sure. IMG_0918

We stayed at NYLO hotel on Upper West Side in Manhattan. A great hotel with a great location. Nice and friendly staff, nice room and newly renovated. The only minus was that they hadn’t finished the renovation at the reception & bar area and on the elevators, so only two elevators worked and only one of them went up to the 16th floor where we stayed! But besides this it was a wonderful hotel and I can certainly recommend it. (Plus they had free wine before dinner time!!)IMG_0935

Our loft/room at the top floor, roomy and nice with a huge private balcony. We loved it.IMG_1218

Beautiful view over Hudson River from our balcony! IMG_1397 IMG_1403 IMG_1413

View by night. IMG_1226 IMG_1231

First day out. We were very keen to explore the city and what’s the best way other than walking? So this day we walked from Upper West Side down to Soho, which is at least 80 blocks! That was a bit optimistic and our legs begged for a long lunch at Balthazar when we finally got down to Soho (restaurant recommendations will come later). Later on we mainly took a taxi or the subway when moving from one area to another…IMG_1201

Times Square, Midtown. A must do when you are a tourist, but I warn you…it’s TOURISTY and very noisy. We have been here before but it is many years ago and I have forgotten how awful I think this area is, haha. So been there, done that. IMG_0951 IMG_1205

David Letterman ShowIMG_1204

Flat Iron on 22nd Street, such a cool building. And as you can see I have already managed to do little shopping at Victoria’s Secret.  IMG_1215

Finally, after a couple of hours, we reached Soho and Balenciaga! Not surprised that Bal was my first stop? And don’t worry, I found their temporary location while the new store is getting ready, haha.IMG_0971

To be continued… The next post will be about shopping & my favorite areas. I will try to hurry, but please have some patience :-)

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NYC shopping list! Errr… wish list

I haven’t been shopping much lately because most of my $$$ went to the wedding, but we are going on a honeymoon to New York City in a few weeks and let me tell you are there are definitely a few things I would like to have a better look at there!!! Most of all I would love to get the new Balenciaga classic moto jacket in Cranberry, a beautiful deep red. I love red and seriously need this jacket, LOL. And there is a few more things I have on my NYC wish list:

1. Balenciaga moto jacket in Cranberry

2. Something in the new color Ultra Violet from Balenciaga (a bag or a small accessory)


3.  Nike Free sneakers in a neutral color (already have hot pink ones)

4. New boots – love Isabel Marant’s Dicker boots

5. A new charm for my Tiffany’s charm bracelet

6. …or a Tiffany beaded bracelet

7. Victoria’s secret underwear!

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Balenciaga bride

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something BLUE…

Yeah, I needed something blue and what to do other than to choose a blue Bal? I needed a big bag to store extra shoes, makeup, tissues, etc. anyway so decided to bring my Outremer Velo to the wedding. Didn’t carry it all day long of course, but I did carry it to the bathroom when it was time for a quick touch up :-)

IMG_9583 P1040849 P1040850 P1040851

…and back to the hotel where we spent out wedding night.IMG_9596

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More wedding pics

The day we got married was a beautiful & sunny Saturday. In Norway the weather can switch completely from one day to another so I was a nervous wreck about this, but luckily it turned out great.

We hired a very talented and  creative photographer to take pictures of my maid of honor and me when we got ready before the ceremony, during the ceremony and right afterwards and here are a few of them. Later on I will also post pictures of the rest of the evening taken by family & friends.

I tried over 20 wedding dresses, but the ONE was from a Spanish brand named Pronoivias. It is the most perfect dress that fit me like a glove so I will consider to have it shortened and perhaps colored so I can use it again. It breaks my heart to sell it!

DSC_5814-2 DSC_5942-2-2  DSC_5961-2 DSC_5992-2-2 DSC_5982-2-2 DSC_5984-2-2 DSC_5981-2  DSC_6026-2 DSC_6028-2 DSC_6041-2 DSC_6057-2 DSC_6061-2-2 DSC_6071-2-2 DSC_6091-2 DSC_6101-2 DSC_6114-2 DSC_6116-2 DSC_6137-2-2 DSC_6163-2-2 DSC_6177-2 DSC_6329-2 DSC_6340-2-2 DSC_6235-2 DSC_6289-2 DSC_6381-2 DSC_6354-2 DSC_6416-2-2 DSC_6429-2 DSC_6435-2 DSC_6471-2 DSC_6476-2 DSC_6490-2

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We’re married!

On June 15th we got married and it was a perfect day filled with lots of love & happiness! Here is a picture I just received from the photographer and I promise to post more pictures very soon.


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Wedding inspiration

Our big day is not far away now, 16 days to be exact! I’m very excited, but also super nervous and stressed. My wedding dress and shoes are bought a long time ago and safely stored at my maid of honors’ place, but I don’t know exactly how I want my hair and wedding bouquet to look. Luckily one can google and look at pics for inspiration and here are some pics I really love. 

lisa-lefkowitz-junebug-weddings-10-21-2010-27 bukett_1 Image-1377 bouquet bukett_2 wedding_bouquet_peony_roses_vase_1-339x500 IMG_9154 IMG_9162 IMG_9163 IMG_9155 IMG_9161 IMG_9160

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New in: Balenciaga Rose Corail GGH triple tour & MbMJ bracelet

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately, I have a lot fix with the upcoming wedding in addition to working full time, taking care of Felix and working out to look my best in the wedding dress ;-)

A little while ago I got a new Bal goodie that I want to show you, a triple tour bracelet in the color Rose Corail with giant gold hw. Coral and gold is the perfect summer combination, so when I saw a Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet (on sale!) in the exact same colors I had to grab that too! They match perfectly together.

IMG_9322 IMG_8990

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Bachelorette party in Berlin!

Our wedding is in a few weeks, June 15th to be exact, and this Friday my crazy girlfriends  surprised me at work, “kidnapped” me and flew us all to Berlin in Germany for a bachelorette party weekend!!! I was totally taken by surprise and knew nothing, even though they have planned this for many months. Even my boss and a few colleagues knew! They had booked a fantastic hotel and restaurants and on Saturday we went clubbing. I had the time of my life and I have the best friends in the whole world, I can’t believe they did this for me! A big thank you to the best girls and a special thanks to my sweet made of honor who arranged the whole thing. Love you ladies :-)

I don’t have many pics from the trip yet, but I have this picture taken by a photographer at the club we went to on Saturday. The leopard print lover of a bride-to-be was dressed up in leopard print from head to toe with a veil!


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